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Juicylucy505 is committed to keeping the members and fans of our community informed and involved. I love sharing new products you and want to make sure you never miss a thing. Check out some of the new products i have tried and tested below, and be sure to send me your questions, and comments. Of course the direct links are below each product if you would like to purchase any of them.



Aug 12th 2020

Okay where to start????? You need to know that I genuinely have a huge toy collection due to the nature of my job!! I have seen such products on the market for a while! I’ve no idea why I didn’t get one sooner!!! I honestly used this for less than 10 mins the first time!!! I love the colour, quality and packaging! Especially the little silk bag to keep it in!! After a few adjustments and I had it in the correct place.....OMG! It’s honestly mind blowing! I actually went hands free and it stayed in position, I can not wait to play with it again!! It’s my new favourite toy!!!! I have nothing but praise for this product! My only downfall is that I’m annoyed I didn’t get one sooner!! Buy one now and thank me later ;)



Aug 10th 2020

I love the bottle design and packaging!! I also really love the flip lid, it’s perfect for travel, I’ve got a few bottles that only have a pump, that leads to lots of leaks! Not with this one!! It’s more sticky in texture, which is better than the watery type lubricants, I find those ones evaporate quickly! Over all great product!! And great price!



Sept 11th 2020

My favourite new brand, this toy by Tracey's Dog is unique, luxurious and affordable! I have never seen a rabbit style toy with this new innovative sucking element! I am unsure still if i like it or not on the inside, i think i need to try it a few more times ;) Definitely something different to add to the collection!!!



Sept 9th 2020

Love the discreet packaging! Even the box didn’t say what was inside! Love the design of this machine! Love the attachment, it’s easy to use and set up! Being able to change the position of the toy is brilliant!!! My only complaint would be that I wish the controls were on a separate longer lead, I found it difficult to control the machine while in doggy style! Apart from that fantastic value for money! Cheaper than my last one and much better!!! It is however a European made machine so if your in the uk you will need an adapter for the plug :)

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