Jack O' Lantern

NEW year, same me!! Hello 2022!

I have been terrible and not updated my site recently again!!! But I’m here with some exciting news on upcoming content!!

So we’ve got two big seasons left this year… you guessed it!! Halloween and Christmas!!! 

Sign up to one of my subscription sites to see all my naughty content!!! Halloween is going to be a fun shoot! I’ll be collating with another sexy lady So don’t miss out on that!!!

And Christmas…. Well you are in for a massive treat!!!! I have already started filming and editing my Christmas content as this year I’ll be doing a digital advent calendar!!!!

You will receive a brand new unseen festive related picture set or video every single day from the 1st of December till the 25th!!! A lot of thought, effort, money and time has gone into this and it is very much a steal at £/$15!!! BUT IF YOU PRE ORDER YOU CAN GRAB IT FOR JUST £/$10!!!!! Pre orders close very soon so message me on any free or paid platform to buy!!  You would certainly be missing out if you didn’t buy!!!

In other news some of you may remember me from good old premium Snapchat days… well since that has been deleted and my current snap being reported/flagged all the time making another seems impossible! BUT I have found a solution!!! 

I have telegram (a free messaging platform available on the App Store) I have created a private invite only channel on here and I post naughty content here for any premium member to see!! I charge just £25 for lifetime access… I upload new content weekly and it already has 95 images/ clips to view on there!!! Again message me and I can send you more information!! 

That’s all from me right now!! See you soon!!

Juicy Lucy